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Very helpful, took me through every step in a way that was better than my own teacher. It's a shame I can't give him more than 5 points.
Ethan Y

Great session, you taught me something my teacher did not teach in class today, and I now understand my homework! thanks.
Erin P

This is the best teacher ever. He always understands all the questions that we have in mind, and it is easy to understand him... 10 stars for him. Thanks Mr. Donald.
Carolina P

I completely understood what I went over in this session this was by far the most effective tutoring session I have been in.
Alex P

BEST TUTORING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amanda B.

I like the way that we learned …. The practice was awesome as I could practice some problems that I learned 2/3 years before. I hope that we can practice every day … so we can have someone to help us to understand what we don't understand. Thanks Mr. Donald for be a excellent teacher with us.
Carolina P

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