Focus EduVation’s online tutoring enables you to receive tutoring whenever and wherever YOU need it.Our state-of-the-art tutoring platform and professional tutors ensure you will receive the help you need. You are able to:

  • Schedule sessions or connect instantly
  • Access tutoring 24/7—whenever and wherever you have Internet access
  • Use your study materials or our study materials
  • Upload problems directly to the two-way, interactive whiteboard
  • Get help in [SUBJECTS]

  • Get Homework Help
  • Identify Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Prep for College Entrance Exams
  • Reinforce Your Course Skills

Whether you are taking Algebra I or Advanced Placement US History, our professional online tutors can help you through any and all course concepts. Never feel stumped on your homework again!

  • Receive targeted homework help
  • Stay in the session for as much or as little time as you need

Due to budget cuts in education across the country, educators often find themselves without the time and resources needed to provide remediation support to the students who need it most. Through theIntervention & Remediation Model, a diagnostic exam assesses a student’s skills, including both strengths and weaknesses, and a professional tutor remediates accordingly. Catch students who need intervention before it’s too late.

When students struggle through course concepts, it is often difficult to assess exactly what the student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Focus EduVation’s Diagnostic/Prescriptive Tutoring Model assesses a student’s overall comprehension of course material and creates a customized learning plan based on the results. The student then engages in a specific number of tutoring hours in order to address concepts with which he or she struggles.

Many schools lack the resources and staff necessary to provide college entrance exam preparation to their students. Focus EduVation pairs its ACT & SAT Online Tutoring with The Princeton Review’s online ACT & SAT test preparation curriculum. Students take a pre-test to determine the concepts on which they should focus during their courses of study. At the end, students take a post-test to gauge how far they’ve come. Afford your students with the opportunity for post-secondary success.

Teachers rarely have the time to provide one-to-one support for their students. Focus EduVation’s Course Help Model provides supplemental course support in [COURSES] to students who need assistance in courses ranging from remedial to Advanced Placement. You can provide each students with a designated number of hours as part of each course, allocate hours to individual students, or provide unlimited student licenses in order to extend your students’ learning time. Provide your students with the support they need to be successful in their courses.